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Gundam (RX-78-2)

The Earth Federation Forces' general purpose prototype MS. It is the third unit of the RX series and the first unit of general purpose MS developed by the Earth Federation Forces. It is used widely in different situations, ranging from space to underwater battles, and is also able to enter the atmosphere. During testing in Side7, it was attacked by the Zeon Forces, but a citizen who was on board defeated the adversaries by chance, demonstrating the overwhelming performance of the machine. Following, it achieved amazing military gains as the main force of the white base. The Zeon Forces called this Gundam 鈥淭he alliance's white devil鈥?and feared it.

Gundam (RX-78-2) Statistics

Gun Cannon

The Earth Federation Forces' artillery prototype MS. It is the second unit of the RX series and is mainly in-charge of medium-range support. Its long-distance armament consists of 2 units of 240mm cannon, beam rifle etc. Compared to the Gundam, it has low mobility, but a thicker armor thus no shield is installed. Since the prototype was powerful and produced great results, a small number was created for battles in the later period of the One Year War.

Gun Cannon Statistics

Gun Tank

The Earth Federation Forces' artillery prototype MS. It is the first unit developed in the RX series and is usually engaged in long-range artillery battles. 2 units of 120mm recoilless cannon are equipped and it mainly provides back- support for the Gundam and Gun Cannon. It is uncommonly used and moves like a caterpillar as it does not have a walking system. The Gun Tank is operated by gas turbine engines as small reactors cannot be loaded. Initially, it has double seats for a pilot and an artillerist, but it is subsequently modified to a single seat.

Gun Tank Statistics


The Earth Federation Forces' general purpose mass production type MS. Its performance was set to be low since productivity was prior as Gundam mass production type. It is unable to equip beam rifles, but it can use low output beam weapons, and is considered superior to the Zeon Forces' MS in terms of armor. As the main unit for counterattack operations late in the One Year War, large numbers were deployed in the space fort siege operation. The fuselage's basic design is excellent and many variations of it exist.

GM Statistics


The Earth Federation Forces' space battle pod. The structure is a simpler version of its predecessor 'mass production type Ball', and its armament contains of only 1 unit of 120mm recoilless cannon, which is reformed from the Gun Tank and claw type Manipulator. Although mobility and armament are clearly weaker than MS, production is extremely high and pilot training is easy. It was produced in large quantities as temporary units until MS development, and was in-charge of back support for GM.

Ball Statistics

Zaku II

Principality of Zeon's general purpose mass production type MS. It is the highest produced general purpose type among the Zaku series. It can be used both in space and on ground, and has plenty of equipment options. It combines usage, scalability, and productivity, and its controllability and credibility are also highly acclaimed. Literally, it is the best unit created in MS history. It was the main force of the Zeon forces during the One Year War, and although fuselages were developed after that, it did not retire from the firing line.

Zaku II Statistics


Principality of Zeon's ground type mass production type MS. It is the ground type of Zaku II, and was developed for MS close combat. Compared to Zaku II, mobility is improved distinctively and armament is also reinforced. However, operating it was tough due to its specialized close combat weapons such as heat sword, heat rod etc. As such, production remained low. However, since the controls were similar to that of the Zaku, many veteran pilots still enjoyed using this fuselage even after the creation of Dom.

Gouf Statistics


Principality of Zeon's ground type mass production type MS. It is able to hover over ground using several high-powered thermonuclear jet engines and chemical rockets. The performance of the Dom greatly surpasses the other older ground type MSes. It is a high performance and heavily armed fuselage which contains a powerful 360mm bazooka and possess great mobility. Due to its excellent basic design, it was deployed to Europe and Africa in the middle of the war as it was expected to replace Zaku II. Dom has the second highest number of variations after the Zaku series.

Dom Statistics


Principality of Zeon's mass production amphibious MS. It is the best unit among the amphibious MS, as it has the most balanced performance. The Z鈥橤ok is fast and agile as it is propelled by current rocket engines underwater and by high mobility verniers on the ground. Its arms feature built-in mega particle cannons and it also has claws for close combat. Missile launchers are mounted at the top of its head and it is also proficient against ground type MS. It has defended the ocean lines by cutting the enemy's supply ships, participating in land operations etc.

Z'gok Statistics


Principality of Zeon's Newtype-use exclusive prototype MS. It was developed with the aim of being the ultimate MS, thus it was named 鈥淶eong鈥?after its principality. Originally, it was developed as a large general purpose type MS, but as the battle situation worsened, it was modified to a space type MS and was equipped with psycommu. Both data collection and the pilot survival rate were increased as the 5-barrel mega particle cannon on its arms, guided by the psycommu via wires, can create all-range attacks. Additionally, its cockpit was built in the head and can detach from the body, acting as an escape device for the pilot. This prototype was deployed in the Battle of A Baoa Qu but was destroyed during combat with Gundam.

Zeong Statistics